On the morning of October 18, the first train of Hanoi’s MRT Line 03, Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station was brought ashore at Nam Hai Dinh Vu port, Hai Phong.

Before that, the ship carrying the train departing from Dunkirk (France) port on September 2, had docked at the port a week earlier than expected.

Two large cargo holds are arranged separately for each carriage of the train, all of which are shielded and tied securely.

The train “Green Journey” consists of three colors: green, red and white with the symbol of Khue Van Cac, which is designed by Alstom (France) and designed exclusively for Vietnam. The MRT Line 03 project will use 10 trains to operate continuously on standard gauge railway (1,435 mm), the hull uses aluminum alloy material with light weight and long life.

7:00 am, hundreds of workers prepare the means to move each wagon to move the ship’s compartment. Each split post is designed to withstand 12.5 tons at the four corners to be able to lift the entire train.

The large carrier with a tonnage of over 300 tons is fitted with a wagon crane weighing 50 tons.

Each train consists of 4 cars (2 motor cars with cab for the driver, 1 motor car and 1 trailer), with 3/4 cars using 3-phase AC engine, 80m in length, oven navigation rack Installed air springs for increased operating reliability.

The train is capable of carrying 944-1124 people, with a density of about 6.6-8 people / m2. Mining with a commercial speed of 35 km / h, a design speed of 80 km / h. Using low-voltage traction DC 750 VDC third track with compact structure, simple, sturdy, low cost of construction and maintenance, ensuring urban beauty.

After the wagon lifted off the ship, five wire-controlled and maneuverable corners were set to navigate to bring the train into the super-heavy vehicle.

“When the train returned to Vietnam, it had to participate in a test run in France 10,000 km to ensure the specifications and safety set out. After installation in the depot area in Hanoi, it will continue to test for 1,000 km. When the train meets the standards, it will be put into operation “, said Mr. Le Trung Hieu, deputy director of Hanoi Urban Railway Management.

Also according to Mr. Hieu, on this night, 4 train cars will be taken to Nhon Depot station (Hanoi). It is expected that by the end of the year, the second train will be brought back according to the itinerary and the 10th train will be the last train to return to Vietnam before June 21, 2021.

Experts and engineers applauded to congratulate the first train car that was safely unloaded into the super-weighted supercar.

It is expected to take about 4 hours to unload all 4 cars into the port. After returning to Nhon Depot area, the train will install on the rails and attach the Khue Van Cac logo on the top of the car to test operation before official operation. The goal of the Nhon – Hanoi station project is to put the overhead section into operation and operation in April 2021, and the underground section in December 2022.

Urban railway route No. 3 Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station has a total investment of over 36,000 billion VND, a length of 12.5 km, including 8.5 km overhead from Nhon to Kim Ma and 4 km underground from Kim Code to Hanoi station.

The project has 10 aluminum alloy trains manufactured in France according to European standards.

By the end of August, the progress of Metro Nhon – Hanoi station is about 65%, only for the overhead section is nearly 80%. Bidding packages related to tunnels and underground stations reached nearly 20%.