As a potential and competitive market, with the participation of hundreds of companies both at home and abroad, real estate investment and business enterprises in Vietnam are also increasingly focusing on the public management, operation, see it as an added value for the project with optimal services to make a difference, especially in the industrial revolution 4.0.

In the world, real estate management is a familiar concept, a closed cycle suitable for operating a type of real estate. In addition to the activities related to the day-to-day operations of a real estate project such as security, hygiene, green care, periodic operation and maintenance of equipment systems, supply of information, assistance to residents, … the real estate management process is a combination of the process of handling daily and continuous arising situations in each project …

In addition, mobile management software tested by some real estate managers in some apartments, in the long run, will save time for residents, management and owners. investment / management, minimize incidents in human resource management. Therefore, the application of technology and digitalization of real estate management is an inevitable direction.

With the increasing scale of housing projects with the number of residents up to hundreds, thousands of people, the majority are customers who quickly update internet technology requiring project management and operation to be Advanced. At the same time, to meet the needs of each individual and the resident community, the management team must have quality human resources, streamline work, communicate regularly with residents and investors.

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In addition, for real estate 4.0 products equipped with state-of-the-art technology, from smart apartments to lighting systems, automatic air conditioners in common spaces, it also requires manpower to manage the operation. The project operator must have high technical capacity to use, monitor and maintain these equipment effectively.

Not outside this trend, the Vietnamese market has begun to recognize a certain level of interest of real estate service providers regarding the application of technology to its services as a means of communication. formally and directly between developers, residents and tenants.

Such as Savills’s Property Cube property management app gives users instant feedback on individual requests via an automated system, with features that allow users to pay their bills and schedule the use of utility services in the project with just a few simple steps.

Instead of transmitting notices to residents via message boards or direct contact, the Management Board or the investor can send notices via the Property Cube system, thereby saving time and resources …

Or Landsoft Control building management software developed by DIP Vietnam Co., Ltd. synchronized with Landsoft Business real estate business management software, Landsoft Control to help the Building Management Board easily capture information and schedules. history of customers from the first transaction; meet the needs of managing information about customers who buy apartments, rent apartments, costs of maintenance services, maintenance of equipment in the building, asset management, purchase of building equipment, manage working schedule work, maintenance reminders, repairs, hygiene, elevator operation management, parking …

It can be seen that technology will gradually help real estate management activities become more professional. This is an undeniable trend of the Vietnamese real estate market in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. However, according to some technology experts, real estate management is a very specific industry, a service for people and also a lot of people, so to some extent, there will be inherent factors are difficult to change overnight. Because, besides the customer group 4.0 who love and be proficient in technology, there is still a part of residents who are familiar with traditional management, so it is difficult to adapt to change or hesitate to change to a modern method.

Savills Vietnam CEO Neil MacGregor said that Vietnam still has great potential to quickly apply technology to real estate management due to its young population; The number of people who use technology equipment or are passionate about seeking new technology is huge. Technology is developing at a dizzying speed and quickly being introduced to Vietnam, but the common educational level of the society has not caught up. The Vietnamese market may not be completely ready with this form, because self-awareness and service thinking are not really high, without strict control and supervision, the service quality of the contractor It will be difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, in order for technology to come to life effectively and effectively, it is necessary to pay attention to improve knowledge, technology knowledge in educational activities, as well as change perspectives. obsolete, and improve the self-awareness to use and apply technology responsibly.

(Linh Dan – BXD)