With only 800 million VND construction costs, the house is still impressed by the innovative architecture, allowing homeowners to live in a cool, green space in the middle of the city.

The house is located on a land of 66.7 m2 near the ring road with high traffic density in Co Nhue, Hanoi. Around the land are crowded high-rise buildings, lack of trees, lack of public space.

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The land is located in a small alley only 1.8 meters wide in Hanoi.

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With not a large area, the location is easy to obscure such light, the design and construction of an airy house with natural green living space is not easy.

Architect Mai Lan Chi and his colleagues decided to apply the solution to build two skylights in the middle of the house.

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With 66.7 m2 (4.2 x 16) of land, the house is built back and forth, leaving space for trees, allowing natural wind to enter and exit the house.

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The house is inspired by the Hanoi ancient house with many features of open garden, combined with comfortable elements of modern life. The two-storey house has a total construction area of ​​121.5 m2, of which two rooftop gardens account for 23 m2. In addition, there are two small indoor gardens under two skylights.

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The gaps between rooms allow air and natural light to enter throughout the house.

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The first floor is the main living space with the living room, kitchen – dining room and children’s bedroom. The rooms are not separated by fixed walls but by greenery under skylights and traditional bamboo door panels.

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The change of the ceiling height of the first floor combined with the skylight contributes to a sense of airiness and comfort despite long and narrow space.

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The second floor is divided into three separate blocks: a closed room block is the parent bedroom, two open blocks are a garden. Three blocks connected by two bridges go on glass skylights.

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Works to be rough as bare bricks, granite, creating a rustic and homely feeling as well as cost savings. The main materials used for furniture are oak – a wood of good quality, high strength, and economical feasibility. The total cost to complete and furnish the house is only about 800 million.

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With the design idea towards nature, the project won the 2017 Green Architecture Award.

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Located amidst the cramped streets, homeowners still own space to grow greenery, clean vegetables, and watch nature. Pieces of glass ceilings make it possible to watch the sky, the moon, the rain at any time from the living room, kitchen.

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(Huong Thao – Dan Tri).