9th floor, Detech 2 Tower, 107 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

About us

Since 1972, the CENTURY 21® brand has been changing the real estate game by offering independent brokers, entrepreneurs and affiliated agents the ability to achieve extraordinary results in an increasingly competitive market. But a lot has changed since then. Many have copied the CENTURY 21 approach, and over time we have seen a ‘sea of sameness.’


With more brand awareness* than any real estate brand, Century 21 Real Estate is poised to change the game once again. To do this, we are reinventing what the CENTURY  21 brand means in the hearts and minds of those who are buying, selling and working in real estate today.

This starts with our new mission – to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences – and comes to life in our identity as a brand and the services we develop for our system members.

Our new approach led us to create a new brand identity for the CENTURY 21® brand – a stylish, sleek and sophisticated makeover designed to catapult us into the next century.  With a refreshed color palette that stays true to our iconic gold and black scheme, the new identity is more modern and distinctive than ever.

Ultimately, we believe this new identity delivers an enormous amount of value to our members – helping our affiliated brokers and agents to stand out and attract more prospects than ever before.

The CENTURY 21 System currently has over 8,000 independently owned and operated franchise brokers across 80 countries and territories who have started this movement.

CENTURY 21 Vietnam Capital Realty

Our company – Nami Land Vietnam Co. Ltd. set up our first CENTURY 21 Real Estate Franchise Office in Vietnam in 2019, named CENTURY 21 Capital Realty.

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century21 sales team

CENTURY 21 Vietnam Dragon City Realty21世紀不動產越南昇龍大城加盟店

Franchise Certificate
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In 2022, we set up our second CENTURY 21 Franchise Office in Hanoi, Vietnam, named CENTURY 21 Dragon City (in Chinese: 21世紀不動產昇龍大城加盟店), the franchise office is directly managed by CENTURY 21 Taiwan Head Office.

Century 21 Vietnam Dragon City

Hotline/Whatsapp/Line/Wechat: +84 902 079 666
Website: http://c21.vn | Email: contact@c21.vn
Address: 9th Floor, Detech 2 Tower, 107 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam