Progress of land acquisition and resettlement, metro line 3, Nhon – Hanoi Station section

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To construction metro line 3, Nhon – Hanoi Station Section, the project needs to acquire some land along several segments of the line and around Nhon Depot. Up to November 2019, of the total nearly 185,900m2 of land acquisition which belongs to affected households and organizations, 185,767m2 (accounting for 99.94%) has been acquired. All of this area is affected by the construction of four underground stations S9, S10, S11 and S12 of construction package CP03 – Tunnel and underground stations. In short, now construction sites in this area are clear and ready for construction.

Affected households and organizations receive compensations and resettlement supports according to the Asian Development Bank Safeguard Policy Statement 2009, the Land Law No 45/2013/QH13 (2013) and other related decrees of the Government of Vietnam. Specifically, affected households receive resettlement apartments and cash assistance for vocational training and buying practical toolkits.

(Hanoi Metro Railway).