The non-preferential corporate income tax rate is 25%. However, enterprises in industrial parks in Bac Ninh province will be given the following incentives:

Overview of Yen Phong industrial zone

1. Corporate income tax rate incentives:

1.1. Preferential tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years, applicable to:

– Newly established enterprises which invest in the following fields:

+ High technology as prescribed by law; scientific research and technological development.

+ Water plants and water supply and drainage systems.

+ Software production.

– Tax exemption for 04 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9 years.

1.2. The preferential tax rate of 10% during the operation period applies to:

– Newly established enterprises which operate in the field of socialization (decided by the Prime Minister) on education – training, vocational training, healthcare, culture, sports and environment.

– Exemption for 04 years, reduction of 50% of tax payable in the next 5 years.

1.3. The time period for application of preferential tax rates and tax exemption to the projects mentioned in Sections 1.1 and 1.2 above is as follows:

– The period of application of the preferential tax rate is calculated continuously from the first year of revenue from activities entitled to tax incentives.

– The tax exemption and reduction period is calculated continuously from the first year of having taxable income from the investment project; in case the enterprise has no taxable income in the first 3 years, counting from the first year of revenue, the tax exemption and reduction period is counted from the fourth year.

1.4. Tax reduction for other cases:

– Manufacturing, construction and transportation enterprises that employ many female employees are entitled to corporation income tax reduction. This incentive bases on the additional expenditures for female employees, including:

Expenses for vocational retraining; expenditure on health check in the year; expenses for fostering female employees after giving birth; wages and allowances for female employees who are entitled to take leave after childbirth or breastfeeding according to the regime but still work.

– The maximum spending for setting up an enterprise’s science and technology development fund is 10%, according to Article 17 of the Law on Corporate Income Tax.

quyết định chủ trương đầu tư dự án khu công nghiệp Yên Phong

2. Tax on transferring profits abroad: The tax rate is 0%.

3. Exemption from import tax on goods

– For equipment, machinery (attached accessories), special-use means of transport in technological lines, construction materials that cannot be produced domestically.

– Special projects which produce mechanical products, electrical and electronic components and spare parts are exempted from material import tax for the first 5 years from the date of production.

– Raw materials, spare parts which are imported for export production.

4. Exemption from VAT: Applied to the importation of specialized equipment, machinery which are in the technological line which cannot be produced domestically.

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5. Incentives on land rental exemption and reduction:

– Exemption from land rent for 07 years for: Business projects which supply service to industrial zones directly pay land rent to the Government.

– Exemption from land rent for 11 years for:

+ Business projects which develop industrial park infrastructure and the industrial park’s developer directly pays land rent to the Government.

+ Production and business projects in industrial zones which directly pay land rent to the Government.