9th floor, Detech 2 Tower, 107 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Manor Central Park

The Manor Central Park, Đường Nguyễn Xiển, Dai Kim, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi, Vietnam


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Green space. Urban living. Unified vision. An international collaboration realizing modern spaces to fit your ever changing needs. Forget everything you thought you knew about urban townships. The Manor Central Park – Welcome home.

National trend-setter Bitexco brings its insight and skill to The Manor Central Park, drawing on the expertise of Japanese design and American engineering. Its previous developments have made international headlines, and now Bitexco is breathing life into the last major urban development project in Hanoi.

Unlike other “urban” township projects currently underway, The Manor Central Park is conveniently located on the newly completed Ring Road#3, providing easier access to central districts. Approved by the municipal government for its innovative and sustainable design, this urban community is a cornerstone of the city’s urban plan for 2020. The immense Chu Van An Memorial Park, which honors a national figure and his dedication to education, tradition, and community, is central to the project both geographically and conceptually.

With a master plan acknowled- ging the many wants and needs of its future residents, the township includes a wide variety of living solutions from studio apartments to expansive villas and everything in-between.

Pick the model that’s right for you, take the keys, and all that remains is your personal touch. Whether you choose elegant high-rise living, a townhouse, a shophouse, one of our luxurious semi-detached villas, or the opulence of the Diamond Villa, a life in The Manor Central Park means the best of both worlds. Vibrant night life. World class amenities. Proximity to nature. All this with room for your family to breathe and flourish.


Sitting atop land steeped in history and culture, The Manor Central Park township celebrates both the traditional and the modern. The area is the homeland of the renowned scholar Chu Van An, to whom the local temple is dedicated. Chu Van An passed the Thai Hoc Sinh (Doctoral Exam), but then famously refused to become a Mandarin, opting instead to open a school near his home where he instructed students on the teachings of Confucius. Word spread of An’s eloquence and wisdom, leading to a royal appointment to teach in the Imperial Academy – the present-day Temple of Literature, where an altar commemorates his remarkable life. It is from this illustrious national figure that the extensive park – a green space unmatched in any other urban development – takes its name.

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The Bitexco Group is deeply committed to engaging customers, business partners, and the community. Its mission statement values sustainable development, a global perspective, and a belief in delivering not only a quality product but also a lasting relationship. With these values as guidelines, Bitexco is creating The Manor Central Park, the last major urban township development in Hanoi.

Bitexco is turning its ideals into action as it executes an extensive master plan reflecting the corporation’s track record of sustainable development and luxury living. Like all other Bitexco Group endeavors, the vision of its leaders, the expectations of its business partners, and the strict adherence to international standards will make The Manor Central Park a success. This combination of characteristics results in state-of-the-art products and services time and again, and The Manor Central Park promises a happy life, a welcoming community, and a home surrounded by more green space than any other urban township – all within the Hanoi city limits. Your personal oasis.

  1. JW. Marriott Hotel – Hanoi
  2. The Manor – Hanoi
  3. The ONE Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Bitexco Financial Tower – HCMC

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Though real estate is only one of the many industries in which it operates, Bitexco Group has built an impressive array of real estate development projects around Vietnam since the year 2000. With high-profile projects like The Manor and The Garden in Hanoi, and the Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City already completed, the company has quickly established itself as a dynamic, internationally competitive enterprise exceeding the expectations of its customers with its attention to quality and state-of-the-art products and services. Bitexco continues to bring these dynamic forces to developments in progress, including the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Hanoi and The ONE Ho Chi Minh City, featuring the country’s first Ritz Carlton hotel.


The Bitexco Group will always be in the vanguard of Vietnamese corporate life. We continually strive for growth
and set ourselves international benchmarks for every project we undertake. Only the highest standards are acceptable for both our people and our companies.

Contributing to Vietnam’s economic development and improving the quality of life for the country’s people is central
to our philosophy. As a player on the international stage, The Bitexco Group is responsible for advancing national interests and promoting the image of Vietnam around the world as a dynamic, prosperous nation. In a rapidly modernizing world, sustainable development at both home and abroad will always be a priority.

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The Manor Central Park will be the final and premiere urban township constructed within the city of Hanoi, honoring the unique history of its location while looking forward to the future.

The Manor Central Park and Chu Van An park cover 200 hectares of superb land located between the Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District and Thanh Tri District in the southwestern corner of Hanoi. A network of modern roadways allows quick and easy access to the city center or the airport; a mere 20 minutes either way. Residents are free to enjoy the luxury and tranquility of their neighborhood without ever feeling far from the distinctive schools, culture and entertainment on offer in central Hanoi.

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  1. International School
  2. Kindergartens
  3. Shopping Center
  4. The Park
  5. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  6. Outdoor Playground and Fountains

A modern design with architectural characteristics reflecting Hanoi, The Manor Central Park seamlessly blends old and new, providing a life that combines the best of Hanoi’s cultural heritage with high-end contemporary living. Every home comes fully finished; the walls are painted, the cabinets and light fixtures are installed. All you need to add are the personalizing touches to take

it from house to home. While the luxury designed into each home and shop is remarkable, it is the full master plan that sets The Manor Central Park apart from other urban development projects in Vietnam.

Internationally renowned architects, engineers and master planners have designed an exclusive township that reflects the land, history, and culture of the place on which it is built. EE&K, our New York City- based master planner, brings expertise from its involvement in the redesign of Lower Manhattan, and award-winning Japanese architectural firm KumeSekkei’s distinctive style shines through in all aspects of our design. This world-class collaboration results in a mixture of housing options, communal parks and a pulsing downtown for shopping, cuisine, and nightlife; life in The Manor Central Park is vibrant, happening, and alive. Unlike many gated communities that are separated from the city and from the local culture, this urban space embraces and honors

that history, all while providing residents with 5-star amenities

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The Manor Central Park may have winding tree-lined streets, parks and playgrounds, but
it is far from a sleepy suburb. With movie theaters, live performance venues, and a host of outdoor spaces for all manners of entertainment, The Manor Central Park by night is an exciting and dynamic destination. Forget the urban townships that require a long drive into town for fun on the weekend. With a host of amusements right at your doorstep and the rest of the city a few minutes away by car or motorbike, you’ll never be frustrated or bored on a Friday night.

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